CNC Turned Parts

CNC Turning

Wye Valley Services specialise in high volume CNC mill-turn services to the UK market in metal and plastic upto 51mmØ. Below is an overview of some of the elements and specialties of the services offered.

Straight Turning
Taper Turning
End Facing
Shoulder Facing
Contour Turning
Form Turning
Internal Broaching
External Broaching
Taper Boring
Internal Forming
External Threading
Internal Threading
Internal Cut Knurling
External Cut Knurling
Pressure Knurling
Side Slotting
Edge Rounding
Side Plunging
Thread Milling
Thread Rolling

Multi-Axis Sliding Head Machining

Our multi-axis sliding head machines are sophisticated enough to produce close tolerance high precision complex milled & turned components in a single hit. Combined with long, bar feeding magazines, this means we are capable of supplying high volume mill/turned parts quickly.

Fixed Head CNC Turning

We offer fixed head cnc turning for components up to 51mmØ. The fixed head offers a larger bar capacity, a faster cycle time and mill-turn capability.


We will turn almost any material you require. Much of our work is in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, but we also cater for more exotic materials including plastics and composites. Below is a list detailing the main materials that we work with:

Aluminium HE30, HE15, 2011T3, Aluminium Bronze CA104
Copper C101, Teryllium C109
Brass Leaded Brass CZ121, Riviting Brass CZ131
Bronze Sintered Bronze, Phospor Bronze PB102, PB1, LB4
Plastics Nylon 6, 66, Perspex, PTFE, Glass Filled PTFE, Polypropylene, Acetal
Sintered Materials Bronze, Alloys
Super Alloys Titanium, Inconel, Nilo
Steel 220M07, 212M36, 210M15, 605M36
Stainless Steel 316, 303, 304, 430, 321, 416


We use the very best lathe tools from manufactures such as Dormer, Seco and Iscar as well as the tool manufacturers detailed below:

Korloy CNC Turning Tools
SECO CNC Turning Tools
ISENR CNC Turning Tools
Applitec CNC Turning Tools
Precitool CNC Turning Tools
Stellram CNC Turning Tools
Guhring CNC Turning Tools
Dormer CNC Turning Tools

CNC Milling

We carry out CNC milling to specification on turned parts in one hit. Milling services appllicable to our turning services include slotting, edge rounding, slopes, thread milling and facing.

Small Components

We undertake the cnc turning of microscopic components, typically with diameters of 0.5mm and up with milled features as thin as 0.1mm. Turning of microscopic parts using CNC bar fed machines allows for very high volume production capacities of as many as a million or more. Much of our work is sub-10mm, in particular our work in the telecom's, communications, and electronics sectors. We work towards the highest possible quality in everything we do, aiming for production runs with zero defect and customer satisfaction..

Small Hole

A combination of the best tooling and cnc lathes allows us to carry out reliable and repetitive machining of small holes up to (0.2mm Ø in stainless steel) six diameters deep in all materials. Feel free to call if you have a component that requires a small hole and we'll be happy to help.

Thread Cutting

We offer specialist internal & external thread cutting to suit your requirements including left and right hand, multi start threads using radial, flank and modifiedflank techniques where required. We can thread as small as 1mm x 0.2 pitch, tap short and long blind holes as well as carry out deep tapping with rigid tapping and pecking to achieve this.


We carry out secondary boring on drilled holes to ensure concentricity and fine precision as well as bore internal diameters not easily achievable with regular drill sizes. We bore all kinds of internal steps, grooves, undercuts, ridges and gradients to customer specifications.


We carry out hexagonal, square, triangular and torx broaching as well as specialist broaching of asymmetric shapes and slots to customer specifications. We can also machine keyways and splines using both single and multi point full form cutters.


We have a wide range of pressure and cut knurling tools for straight, diagonal or diamond patterns in soft and hard materials on components as small as 2mmØ.

Tube Work

We can also turn circular, square and hexagonal tubes upto 51mmØ in a range of materials which can offer a significant cost saving when compared to turning certain items from bar.


Certificates of conformity, inspection reports and material certificates can be supplied on request.